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Minshuku ( Minshuku is the guest house , or Japanese style B&B ) in
a natural setting 
– Easy & Calm – Petit Japanese life –

Minshuku Yamachou is located almost in the center of Echizen beach ,
surrounded by sea and mountains .

We are the nearest guest house ( Minshuku ) at
Echizen beach from Fukui station .



You can enjoy the Japanese food and sightseeing all year around .

In summer , sea bathing , go for drive ,

In spring&fall , fishing , sightseeing ,

In winter , Echizen clab and more .





We use many local vegetables and fishes harvested today’s morning.

The menu is good for health.

We are licensed 5 STARS from the Food hygience association in Japan.

We are happy to service with whole hearts.





The building has a homey traditional Japanese style .

You can enjoy Japanese country life during your stay .



Japanese style room ” Tatami room ( Washitsu ) “.

We’re reserve the room according to the number of people.

There are ”   Kotatsu ”   at all rooms in winter .

All rooms have air conditioner .

※All rooms do not have restroom and bathroom. 



Banquetroom or individual room .



There are 2 common bathrooms which are separated men / women .

Bathroom is not hot spring , but taken 24 hours .

The hot water of the bustub is changed clean everyday .

All dressing rooms have air conditioner and Tatami floor so safety for children .



There are 2 common restrooms which are separated men / women at every floor . 

All toilet seat have bidet function .

※We have a large room with the capacity for up  to 80 people , other than kids room , WiFi space and smoking space .

※ It is possible the guest house charter by number of people .







We use local vegetables , fishes and shellfish harvested today’s morning .

For a limited time only winter from November to March , you can enjoy Echizen crab dishes .



Japanese style breakfast with fresh fish ” sashimi “  , 
vegetables and organic rice ” Koshihikari ” 100% harvested in Fukui .

We get breakfast rice ready according to your breakfast time .

With morning coffee .



We receive not only the reservation of your lodging but also lunch or one-day trip meal .




It takes about 40 minutes from Fukui station to Minshuku Yamachou
by Keifuku Bus ” For Ayukawa ” .

Please get off the bus ” Hashiyaguchi ” .

The bus stop is in front of the Minshuku Yamachou .

With morning coffee .





—CHECK IN     4:00P.M.

—CHECK OUT   10:00A.M. 

—PAYMENT        Only Japanese Yen.Only cash payment.



At Minshuku Yamachou you can enjoy a warm welcome , friendly service and a cozy , comfortable atmosphere .

We are looking forward to seeing  you , your family and your friends .